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Service agreement

With a service agreement there is a very clear advantage. You can save money and avoid problems with eg. an installation if you have a service agreement with P / F Frost.

In relation to the operation, there can be a saving of up to 15-25% if we have supervision of your cooling system.

With a service agreement we make sure your system lives up to the legal requirements, in addition to having regular service with the facility, which helps to make it run as smooth as possible.

Watch arrangement

We offer all our customers who have a service agreement, a 24-hour watch arrangement – year round.

It is always possible to get hold of one of our installers and several repairs are done immediately with the help of our cars which always have the best equipment.

When calling on the phone outside of regular working hours, which is between 16.00 and 08.00, there will be invoiced for a minimum of 4 hours.


According to the law on the furnishing and use of equipment that has to do with pressure, refrigeration systems must be inspected once a year by an approved refrigeration supplier.

We can perform this inspection for you.

Call and hear more about our deliveries and services or write to us.

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