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Selected references

Faroe Marine Products

Co2 unit delivered to Faroe Marine Products

Bakkafrost Viðareiði

RSW system delivered to Bakkafrost Viðareiði

Fiskavirkið í Gøtu (PRG)

Complete cooling solution delivered to PRG (Fiskavirkið í Gøtu)


Complete cooling solution delivered to Hiddenfjord


Replaced cooling system from R22 to R507.

Bakkafrost Vágur

Cooling system delivered to Bakkafrost in Vági


We make sure that the largest storage halls have control over the cooling.

Hotel Føroyar

We have set up cooling systems for Hotel Føroyar an their restaurants.

National Hospital

Cooling system delivered to the national hospital in Tórshavn


We have a service agreement with the cooling system at Pelagos. (Image:

Transport industry

We repair all kinds of refrigerated containers


Overall cooling solution delivered to Magn. We also have service on cooling system at almost…


Installed new cooling system aboard Eysturbúgvan

Delta Seafood

Cooling system delivered to Delta Seafood


Installed new cooling system from R22 to R507

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